our goal

To be a world leading ICT firm, supporting and offering our customers with reliable technologies and solution to help them stay at a competitive edge of their business.


The system is a two fiber pair system with 64 x 10 Gigabit/s wavelengths per fiber pair when fully upgraded and partnering with Airtel Networks as our strong link.


IP2AIR Networks is guided by the five core values: Innovation, Affordability, Reliability, Customer Focus and professionalism.

Rapid Provisioning & Bursts

You are provisioned on our network in as little as 5 days and upgrades within 24 hours. We can accommodate sustained burst periods of two or more times your committed bandwidth.

We are a privately-owned company whose vision is to be the preferred communications service Provider in West Africa by delivering world class communication services through reliable and affordable connectivity solutions. Backed by its high capacity, openaccess, 4.76Tbps fibre optic cable, IP2AIR Networks delivers greater capacity and more stable global access at an affordable price.

This allows IP2AIR Networks ability to offer reliable, world-class broadband access and services within West Africa to telecom operators, internet service providers, Governments and large enterprises to ensure the optimum reliability and quality of its system. We have built a state-of-the-art Network Operations Centre (NOC) in Nigeria and Ghana matching the best international standards and comparably, our facilities are monitored 24X7X365 by highly trained technical and management team.

We guarantee optimum network availability with our unrivaled Service Level Agreement (SLA) with service credits. Our steam is made up of highly qualified skilled telecommunications engineers and ICT consultants who bring a world class expertise and experience.

We are into telecommunications engineering (both software and hardware) and general ICT consultancy in the provision of standard ICT infrastructure and devices.

The objectives of our company include, among others the provision of internet- and allied services. Hence, we by this offer unrivaled and unbeatable service of pure qualitative and cost efficient internet service in order to enhance and boost their daily productivity with sheer ease and maximum satisfaction. This is being accomplished through the selling, installation and maintenance of:


IP2AIR Networks is guided by the five core values: Innovation, Affordability, Reliability, Customer Focus and professionalism.

IP2AIR Networks is focused on the affordability of its service as it views it as the only way that Internet penetration can increase in West Africa. Since its launch, wholesale bandwidth prices have dropped up to 80% in the market. This has resulted in a reduction in Internet access prices of greater than 20%. In addition, international calling rates are now lower than domestic calling rates. Our reliability is unsurpassed. Since our commercial launch, we have achieved 100% network availability, professionalism and customer focus.

    • We have a corporate structure that is transparent, entrepreneurial driven and managed by a team of professionals.
    • IP2AIR Networks is fully operational with a “live” network with customers transmitting data
    • We are an Open Access provider which means: there is no preferential treatment or pricing for customers and we will look for the best international & local access solutions for our customers.
    • We are focused on delivering value to our customers