IP2AIR Networks Internet Access Service is designed to provide you with direct access to the Internet backed by its revolutionary subsea cable (Airtel) system and relationships with Global Tier 1 networks. For your business, this translates to faster, secure, cost effective and more reliable transmission, close to zero down-time and greater productivity.

That’s why we can offer you real life solutions that works such as:

  • Realtime Mobile CCTV Monitoring. This helps you monitor your properties and babies (indoor and outdoor) from anywhere in the world.
  • Blackout Protection for Small, Medium and Enterprise businesses and home users. Tell us what you want powered and for how long and we will customize a solution for you.
  • Remote Desktop Protocol. This means we can connect to your server from anywhere in the world to provide the solutions your business needs. Distance is no longer an issue. Call us and we are virtually in your system in seconds.
  • Hotel Hotspot Installation/Management Access Control. Wifi for your customers made easy. Internet Ticketing and other feature available.
  • Wired and Wireless Internet deployment for Homes, Small, Medium and Enterprise businesses. With affordable, fast and constant internet, you can focus on making money while we keep you connected with a Service Level Agreement. That why we guarantee our end of the deal.

World Class Support

Our network is engineered to global standards and is managed by a team of highly trained technical experts 24x7x365, backed by SLAs guaranteed with service credits to ensure optimum reliability of service.

Direct Connection to Global Tier One Operators

We have built relationships with global Tier 1 partners to ensure we provide the optimum routes for your traffic wherever its destination globally.

Rapid Provisioning & Unmatched Capacity

We have a simple order process to ensure you are provisioned on our network in as little as 5 days and upgrades within 24 hours for additional bandwidth.

Sustained Bursts with our high capacity backbone Airtel

IP2AIR Network scan accommodate sustained burst periods of two or more times your committed bandwidth.

Delivery Methodology
To ensure our optimal service gets to you every single time in a tested and proven form, we use a simple service delivery method.

No matter how many sites, establishments, stations you want equipped, our high quality service will be delivered working efficiently always.

With our 7 days free internet trial, we ensure everything is working to your satisfaction before billing.


Dramatically different experience: IP2AIR Networks high capacity IP network delivers a new level of quality and performance, with unmatched, round trip delivery and latency to key international locations. The improvement in speed & reliability delivered by our truly international network, means your business will be revolutionized.

Simplicity & Visibility: We provide detailed service reports giving you access to your network’s specific information: Performance utilization, ticket information and administrative information, to help you analyze and managed your bandwidth utilization effectively.

Competitive Pricing: IP2AIR Networks brings the cost of international bandwidth to Africa to globally competitive levels. Our capacity prices are as low as 90% of current market offering based volume and tenor of service agreements. Also, our pricing structure for short term service agreements is not only competitive, but it is tailor made to accommodate our customer’s commercial preferences.